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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Canteen 82...taste of Shanghai..And A new Columbus honor

Lo Mein

spicy shrimp

Rice Cakes

Third soup dumpling order

Trudging happily through Central Park I was hopeful as always in my quest for good Chinese food...(park slope is a Chinese food desert). A taste mirage? NO. And of all places,the upper west side of Manhattan, where old poker games were often fueled by greasy glop and chemistry set wonton soup and dough ball dumplings.  Truly a wonderful Columbus Day eve...because at 467(not 1492) Columbus Ave (and 82 st) we found three kinds of soupy dumplings...even may know them at juicy buns...xiao long bao..or dumpling squirters..OMG good.  And rice cakes with chicken and shrimp and moo shoo that tastes fresh and clear, not corn syrupy or mushy. Sambah spice shrimp were large and succulent. There are good vegan selections and a warm cousin like vibe from the wait staff. Comfortable and familiar but the first time I had a # One or hand pulled noodles. Sophie liked the  lo mein...that's important. I wish you were all there spinning a lazy susan that could quench you all.

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