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Monday, October 8, 2012

Pamelas on the Strip for pancakes and a no hitter and ohiopyle bbq and great folk in....Pittsburgh,the other Brooklyn.

The Great Race is our excuse for a great week end in and around Pittsburgh with Andrew Sheehan of KDKR and Abigail and Emmett(10 minutes better than last year)and Eamon. And the BKLYNERS. As for food the Sheehan Home was the highlight but as of this writing not available to the general public.
Firefly Grill in Ohiopyle

Homer Bailey apologizing to the Pittsburgh fans

Frank and Kristen posing in exactly the way Frank Loyd Wright intended

Tim and Maureen before their next home

Andrew ,Abigail, and Kristen

Retro Pamelas

The Pancakes


Roberto Clemente
Pamelas for pancakes on the strip (Obama's favorite), on the other hand,is available and this cross between a crepe and a hotcake is crispy and spongy and totally worth a trip to Pittsburgh from Chile or Belgium.
And in Ohiopyle (formerly Falls city) there is rafting and hiking and bbq.
And at the home of the Pirates you can if you are quiet about it enjoy Cincinnati's Homer's no hitter.
Firefly bbq

DO you have vegi burgers and do they have peas or okra in them?

And then top it off with thousands of runners and wanna bees at The Great Race. Even if you don't know the Sheehans, this place has the charm of Brooklyn and a proximity to mountains and farm stands...though everyone there seems to know the Sheehans...even the kosher butcher turned cab driver.  

Pamela's P & G Diner (Strip District) on Urbanspoon

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