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Saturday, March 9, 2013

DO OR DINE...Bedford Ave near Quincy

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Justin warner is a Food Channel star but Thursday he was a big up at this comfortable rustic /old Brooklyn
joint (as in club,fun,joy,welcoming). The place reminded me of old Buntyns in Memphis or the luncheonette on Wilson and Myrtle back in the day. There is a difference though unique to Do or Dine...this place has the range of Shopsins and the gastro inventiveness of Paul Liebrandt. For example:
home smoked beef heart pastrami with pumpernickel...Atlantic Char with mango...jerk chicken with maple syrup and waffles, steak tartare and foie gras doughnuts or quail eggs filled with espresso mayo or grilled squid with Korean dipping sauce. And that's just for example.
        The bar tender is an artist and an actor who acts not at the bar. Just someone who entertains  through good conversation and skillful drink management. Look for  him...Jesse Xavier Ruiz.
Squid with a spicy-sweet sauce

chicken and woffals with jerk and pineapple



part one of a two part cocktail ...the house pickle back??
Justin Warner chef/nice man
      David and Jim filled the air around the table with humor and news but if you are going you will have to bring your own friends. How great to be with a hip food star who acts like a college buddy and an actor whose method is natural and real and friends who love food and care about everyone.

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