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Saturday, March 2, 2013

In Cognito on 18street...a cloud burst of excellent eats.

 Larry picked this one. And what a pick it was!
The chef chose and while that can be dangerous, in this case the three of us got to enjoy every bit of the excess . The only food photographed was this amazing antipasto(beef carpacio ,duck liver, bufala mozzarella caponata)plate...each of us had one. The ravioli (marzapone?)was x rated so no photos...and the desert platters were as complex and satisfying as the antipasto but comprised of cakes and creams and ..oh.. all mankind's best deserts. with a wonderful muscat sweet wine. And it was gone in a nano second no photos.

As much as i loved the food and my friends, i love my new friend, Chef Paolo Montana...does he make everyone feel that way?
Don't misunderstand funny and sincere and likable as he is, this man has inner creative furies...he has a mind that performs and entertains itself. I just met him, but I swear he is as much about empathy as he is about grit and focus and creativity. And he I suspect boils.  I liked him...You will feel as though it is as important to go back to visit,as much as it is to eat.
Can't you tell?

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