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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

606 R&D @606 Vanderbilt Ave nr St. Marks Ave

donuts fresh from the conveyer
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Find 7 other people and make a reservation here(718-230-0125) or go and wait or go early or scout it out ...R&D ..and sit at the counter and watch Ileen sprinkle pixie dust on the heirloom tomatoes from a farm cooperative in Lancaster Pa. have the mussels in a parsley broth and sit there imagining with Roxanne all the permutations of menu items you will spend the rest of your life having in the garden or properly seated and how often on warm/rainy days you will trot across to Ample Ice Cream and get take out because even though it is ice cream like no other surely you would have the fresh blueberry thing or warm donuts at 606. Call me promiscuous and impulsive but this certainly could be my new favorite.

A family parade in honor of great ice cream and sorbet

And they made mussels that tasted  green brothy flavorful
Ample Ice Cream Across the Street

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