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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 At top product of the new Rookwood Factory. Below  menu from and Former Rookwood Factory on Mt Adams
1077 Celestial St. now pub food and beers

Was a kiln now a dining cave
Display of a mug made at Rookwood Pottery current factory
Mt Adams view

view from Mt Adams
more view
The visit to Shaker Village near Lexington Kentucky was about family and friends and good food in a restored village. The Children's Defense Fund event in Cincinnati was about family and friends and an inspirational organization. The trip to the Rookwood Pottery factory was about pottery and the mosaic tile of Roeblings Cincinnati bridge which was a practice run for the Brooklyn Bridge ...but the 1 hour round trip excursion to Mt Adams was about the former home of the Rookwood Factory and site of a theatre to which Jeanne once had a connection..but mostly the best pulled pork sandwich I ever had..and lemonade and THE BEST PULLED PORK.

The Rookwood Bar & Restaurant on Urbanspoon
The best pulled pork with a bourbon sauce
Olivia handed up the drinks to our balcony seats from here

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