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Monday, July 30, 2012

Belleville 5 street and 5 ave bklyn

Ices and melon

Melon fennel

Komomoto oysters

Tapinade and peppers with hazel nuts and eggplant  and celery roumalade

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Come on back. Once it was Joe's  or Jerome's and then it was lost. Now there are new Parisian owners and Edith Piaf songs in the air and oysters and gnocchi with zucchini and fennel melon soup and home made lemon ices and reasonably priced French wine and the same wonderful decor that fits the food. Bryan is still there, and we pray he will provide the kind of continuity that a neighborhood restaurant requires and this one never had. Come back, little Sheba's; return Capistrano swallows; boomerang to Belleville where we were lost and now we are found. Rebirth .Phoenix rises. A biento.

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