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Saturday, July 28, 2012

M.O.B. (maimonide of brooklyn) 525 atlantic ave

Belly Charmer

Music on the wall


We crossed the Atlantic last night to sample "avant garde" vegetarian food. Their flatbread sandwiches called mobs are flavorful and filled with likeable mixes of sauces and tapinades and vegi-mashes. Mine, the belly charmer, was excellent with its eggplant and mint and pistachio flavors. The mac and cheese(vegan) was well received by Jeanne. Wine and beer choices were good, and the garden seating or common table  and creative decor (once the lights were dimmed) was comfortable. This is a good concept...well executed and good for vegi-people any night or for omnivores on an occasional vacation from the world of flesh.     M.O.B. (Maimonide of Brooklyn) on Urbanspoon

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